„There is no greater value then human life”

In Metab we believe that all our workers are connected to the same level of protection, as the people we are working for. Since we have international costumers we have to thing wide, not only to close our minds to home standards. To ensure a consistent approach to safeguarding Health, Safety, Environment and Security we have developed a HSE Management System supported by our procedures, instructions and guidelines, and important supported by management of the company.

Metab as a responsible body takes effort to achieve an incident‐free workplace every time. We will focus to minimalize the risk for the people working within the company, cooperating with the company, and also to be environmental friendly.

To achieve this goal and kept the following values:

• Safety
• Innovation
• Performance
• Collaboration

We have also took action with our internal quality system that would provide even greater satisfaction to our customers for consideration of implementing ISO 14001 and 18001 for Safety and Environmental issue.