METAB | About Us
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About Us



  • Perfectly located on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Gdynia
  • Privately owned by Andrzej Bagiński – Managing Director (CEO)
  • Company’s main goal is to operate on external markets like Scandinavia, Germany, etc
  • Production of aluminum, steel, and laminates (GRP) parts
  • Focus on standard and nonstandard parts delivered to the market
  • Specialization in several welding methods, and in material like aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
  • ISO 9001, ISO 3834, and EN 1090 approved


  • 1990 – establishment of company by Andrew Bagiński
  • “Every big construction need small parts” – this idea is the philosophy of Metab, from the beginning to this day.
  • Middle of 90’s – first big contract for Swedish company taking accessories for road signs (production of small brackets – over 500 000 pcs)
  • Cooperation with the Gdańsk University of Technology, which brings technical support, databases and engineering solutions.
  • Starting of second division and go for lifeboat and yacht fittings, fuel and water tanks, trailers for transporting and handling for yachts.
  • 2000 – first certification – GL (Germanische Loyd) CE marked fuel and water tanks production
  • Next big step – serial production of industrial trucks for the Norwegian Post (over 20 000 pcs)
  • Metab as a one of 2 companies in Europe compile knowledge and technology for producing electrolyze rings for chemical process of gaining hydrogen and oxygen from see water for Norwegian Industry (production over 2500 pcs)
  • 2000 – Metab started production of lifeboats release hooks, advanced lifeboat holders (certified by Loyd Register) and steel pallets for gas bottles transportation.
  • 2001 – starting with balcony and road railings production (several projects done for leading Swedish and Norwegian companies in construction segment). Our achievements consist of developing a technology of assembling and production of steel. These functional railings are assembled in residential buildings, public use, hotels and for industrial segment as well.
  • 2003 – next certification of quality systems and welding processes (auditory PRS – Polish Registry of Ships)
  • 2004 – starting with offshore business – producing aluminum crane cabins ( till today over 1 000 pcs cabins of different type)
  • 2009-2011 – contract for steel constructions and railings for 2 football stadiums in Sweden (Kalmar and Vaxjo). Those arenas were host of Women Football European Championships in 2013.
  • 2010 – Beginning of production of laminate elements like life boat doors and hatches.